The Wistful Larks are an alternative rock band created in the basements of the Chicago suburbs. The band was crafted from the remnants of the punk rock band Americana, started by high school friends Cody Varga and Tony Aguilar and longtime friend Steve-o Gonzalez. After Steve-o's departure from the band, The Wistful Larks relocated to Nashville and recruited Adam Wathen as their new drummer.

      The band is influenced by modern and vintage counter culture. Combining punk, indie, heartland rock, the darker days of 60s rock, love, hate, and the emotion between, the band wants to paint a vivid story with their unique sound. Trying to build a band with those ideas in mind within the Chicago suburbs, (an area dominated by metal and electronic) proved to be a struggle. The band poured everything they had into writing, practicing, planning, and put every last dime into buying a van to travel. After their first successful DIY tour they were offered a chance to play out west. In early 2017 the band packed up and headed west for 3 weeks hitting SXSW, San Diego, LA, and Las Vegas, among many others.

      They have since gone on to be nominated as semi-finalists in the Unsigned Artist Competition and finalists in the 2017 International Songwriting Competition. The Wistful Larks are currently releasing new singles from their upcoming EP.