Hailing from Chicago, IL, The Wistful Larks provide fresh indie rock with a vintage flavor. Packed with croony hypnotic vocals and warm melodic guitar tones, the band’s take on contemporary indie rock is similar to bands like The Killers and The Arctic Monkeys, while also incorporating retro flavors similar to bands like the Doors. The result is a dark, gossamer soundscape that is as unique as it is difficult to imitate. 

The Wistful Larks are Cody Varga (vocals, guitar) Adam Wathen (drums) and Tony Aguilar (bass). 

Since the band’s relocation to Nashville and subsequent addition of drummer Adam Wathen in 2019, the Wistful Larks have been focused on the evolution and curation of their unique sound. With their most recent release, Hot Chocolate (recorded at famed Dark Horse Recording) the Larks continue to cultivate a distinct sonic profile.